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Marsa Alam Rising Sun

Short Documentary | 2022

Directed by:  Hamsa Mansour

Cinematography by: Nour El Din
Edited by:
Nour El Din

Client: KarmSolar

Marsa Alam is a small and relatively new town on the Red Sea, a thriving touristic destination because of its weather and nature; mountains, sandy beaches, and marine life.


The Eco Tourism pioneers in the region have been depending on diesel generators since ’86 for the lack of alternatives and were dreaming of the day they can use solar or wind-generated power.


This documentary tells the story of change led by KarmSolar in the region, from their first project with Red Sea Diving Safari in 2015 to launching Marsa Alam Solar Gird. And how these projects have helped the most prominent eco-lodges in Marsa Alam shift from diesel to solar energy, and from being off the national electricity grid to getting connected to the grid.


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