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Short Documentary | 2022

Directed by:  Nour El Din

Cinematography by: Nour El Din
Edited by:
Nour El Din

In July 2020, 4 Egyptian guys ventured out to cross The High Dam Lake -also known as Lake Nasser- from Any Simbel to Aswan using Kayaks, making it the first kayak crossing of the lake.

The 4 adventurers are; our Co-founder Nour El Din, and adventurers Nadim El Messiri, Omar El Galla, and Omar Hossam. Dealing with many unknowns and tough weather, they started the trip which took 10 days to cover the 280km.


While Nour El Din had very little equipment with him and had limited access to the equipment, he managed to produce this short documentary to memorize the adventure. 


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