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Blue Camel Media was founded by Hamsa Mansour & Nour El Din in April, 2019.


Blue Camel Media is made of a team of adventurers, filmmakers, and photographers who live to tell stories about nature, adventure, cultures, art, sports, inspiring human beings, and the connections between those elements. 

Our team works in challenging environments and physically demanding expeditions, spends time with indigenous people, captures powerful landscapes and in-depth portraits to create conscientious imagery that serve as a true representation of the story. 


We search for stories that inspire us and turn them into visually compelling documentaries, commercial films, and photographs. 




We are constantly searching for stories that move us to turn them into documentaries. Aside from producing our own films, we also work with entities and individuals looking to make documentaries. We handle all aspects of production, from taking a raw idea and nurturing it to producing a finished script.


We tell stories of brands, companies and NGOs that do work related to nature, sports, adventure, cultures, art, humans and development, how they came to life and what they offer.




Our team captures powerful landscapes, portraits and event photographs across 4 photography domains; photojournalism, documentary, editorial and commercial photography for a variety of applications including articles, magazine prints, and online usage.


Our team is made up of adventurers and filmmakers who can consult and/or shoot scenes based in nature within films or projects. Those scenes require expertise in the outdoors area to be realistic, knowledge to get to the best views as well as physical ability to shoot in challenging environments. 


We document adventures and expeditions around the world for independent adventurers and adventure travel companies looking to hire documentarians who can withstand strenuous expeditions while producing high-quality films and photographs. 


Nour El Din

Nour was raised by the sea and fell in love with the desert at an early age, venturing on adventures in the mountains near his home in Sharm El Sheikh.

He took this everlasting love for adventures and nature with him when he moved back to the city to get college education, taking a semester off to solo cycle 6,000 km around Egypt and working as an adventure trip leader. A similar kind of love of film saw Nour change his field of study to pursue filmmaking.


Nour has been dreaming of founding Blue Camel for years and he currently lives to make films. His work was featured on LA Times, BBC and Lonely Planet, Nour is also Red Sea Mountain Trail’s Storyteller alongside Hamsa.

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An adventurer with an immense passion towards nature, culture, the human connection to earth and telling stories.

Born and raised in Cairo but has always been fascinated with nature and wilderness. As she grew older, she felt compelled to leave the city and venture on adventures, she ended up working in the outdoor industry for 4 years as a trip leader and brand manager at Wild Guanabana. In 2017, she solo cycled around the Red Sea & Sinai on a bicycle, becoming the first Egyptian woman to do so. Today, Hamsa combined her passions into a career of filmmaking and photography, co-founded Blue Camel to tell stories, she is also Red Sea Mountain Trail’s storyteller alongside Nour El Din.


Ben hofFler

red sea mountain trail founder


One of the best organizations we've collaborated with, they are pros who hit deadlines and stick to their plans. 

Superb 'people' people: they listen, build rapport & are trustworthy: this helps them connect & makes their films real & authentic, they take beautiful footage and know how to tell a good story.

They are also adventurous enough for adventure films: we climbed up high mountains, came down waterfalls at night & abseiled vertical cliffs. They did it all with a smile - even when things didn't go to plan. 

Already looking forward to our next adventure, wherever it will be. 






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